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COMING SOON - Music and movement yoga and more classes...

Monthly African Fusion - LIVE music launch Friday 10/28/16 @9pm 

Issyra Gallery is pleased to launch our new monthly "African Fusion" event.

International artists will join us around various themes to share new experiences. A true mix of cultures around music and art. .
BYOB, Suggested donation $20

Our first event will be next Friday 10/28 at 9pm @ Issyra Gallery, 300 Observer Highway, Hoboken, NJ 07030. Free Parking behind the building. Minutes from the PATH train. 

International artists Thierno Camara, Smokey Hormel and Balla Kouyate will join us this month. 

An intro to the artists: 

Thierno Camara, senegalese artist:

Smokey Hormel, American artist:

Balla Kouyate, artist from Mali:
Sign up at

Art, LIVE Music and Culture "rencontres": EVERY Friday & Saturday!

Every Friday and Saturday evening  join us for live music, art and more.

BYOB. From 9 pm until late

Every Monday "Chez Minou" - after work music event

"Meeting" with Georgina Keenan June 3-25 2017

HOBOKEN, NJ—Meeting, an exhibition featuring works by Georgina Keenan and Issa Sow,

will be on view at the Issyra Gallery June 3–25.

Georgina Keenan is a self-taught artist working in cut paper and embroidery. She has been

included in numerous exhibitions nationwide. The swirling lines and mythic figures that

inhabit her collages and embroidered pieces are inspired by ancient depictions of the divine

feminine. Composed of tiny images of lips, eyes, nipples, teeth, navels, and hair, her

intricately detailed collages reconfigure photos of nude women to emphasize the navel and

nipple as sources of nourishment, power and connection to elements larger than oneself.

Likewise, her stitched designs portray the female body as simultaneous creator and

creation. Embroidered on vintage gloves, these works echo the patterns of tattoos once

worn by women in the Marquesas Islands to mark major life events.

Issa Sow is an artist and the curator and founder of Issyra Gallery. A true citizen of the

world, he was born in Senegal and lived in France for several years before moving to the

US—where he was “reborn,” discovering his deep passion and talent for art. Since this

revelation, he has produced various unique masterpieces, ranging from acrylic paintings to

drawings to mixed media. With his self-learned style and technique he has created amazing

works inspired by real life. Each piece has a different personality and its own fingerprint.

His artist’s signature is “Issa=2,” representing the binary aspect of all things in life.

Praise for the Issyra Gallery

“Don’t turn down an invitation to visit Issa Sow’s workspace. You may think you’ve seen

studios or galleries or artists’ lofts or museums, but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve

experienced the Issyra Gallery. And “experience” is the operative word. It’s not just a visual

feast. It’s a mélange of tastes, scents, and sounds.”

Issyra Gallery – 300 Observer Highway, Entrance on Observer Highway, Free parking behind the building 

917 922 2690/ 201 459 0700

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